Is the Ducati 959 or V2 a Good Choice for Beginners? We Need To Talk!


Embarking on the thrilling journey of motorcycling is a rite of passage for many enthusiasts, and choosing the right bike is a pivotal decision that can shape your entire riding experience. As an avid motorcyclist, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of motorcycles, learning from both the joys and challenges that come with selecting the perfect ride. For beginners, this decision is particularly daunting, as the wrong choice can lead to a less-than-enjoyable riding experience or, worse, potential accidents.

In this exploration, we’ll dive into the question of whether the Ducati 959 or V2 is a suitable option for those new to the world of motorcycles. We’ll dissect the factors that should influence your decision and provide alternative suggestions that might better cater to the needs of novice riders.

My Personal Journey: The Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Bike

In the early days of my motorcycling journey, I was captivated by the sleek design and raw power of the KTM RC 390. Enthralled by the prospect of mastering track riding techniques, I eagerly acquired the bike and threw myself into training sessions. While I did gain confidence as a rider, my premature decision to opt for such a powerful machine proved to be a costly mistake.

In an unfortunate incident, I found myself in an accident that could have been prevented had I chosen a bike more suited to my experience level. This incident served as a stark reminder of the paramount importance of selecting a motorcycle that aligns with your riding skills and experience.

Why the Ducati 959 is Not Ideal for Beginners

Why the Ducati 959 is Not Ideal for Beginners

The Ducati 959, undeniably a remarkable machine, is not the most beginner-friendly option. Weighing in at a substantial 420 pounds and boasting a potent 155 horsepower engine, the 959 packs a punch that can easily overwhelm novice riders. The bike’s aggressive acceleration and considerable weight can pose significant challenges for those still mastering the fundamentals of riding.

For beginners, it is highly recommended to opt for a bike that weighs less than 400 pounds when wet. A lighter bike enhances maneuverability, reduces the risk of accidents, and provides a more manageable learning experience.

Exploring Better Options for Beginners

Thankfully, there are several excellent alternatives to the Ducati 959 that are specifically designed for beginners. These bikes offer a more manageable weight and power output, allowing riders to build their skills gradually and safely.

Here are a few top recommendations:

Yamaha R3

This lightweight and nimble bike are popular choices for first-time riders. Its forgiving handling and smooth power delivery make it an ideal companion for learning the basics.

KTM RC 390

For those seeking a sportier option compared to the Yamaha R3, the KTM RC 390 offers a taste of track-inspired performance while remaining accessible to beginners.

KTM 390 Duke

Known for its upright riding position and comfortable ergonomics, the KTM 390 Duke provides a relaxed riding experience that’s perfect for commuting and exploring city streets.

The Downsides of Riding a Racing Bike

Beyond the weight and power concerns, racing bikes like the Ducati 959 present additional challenges for beginners. Their aggressive ergonomics and high-performance components can make them less comfortable and practical for everyday riding.

Moreover, racing bikes often produce excessive noise, making conversations while riding difficult. Their larger turning radius can also make slow-speed maneuvers more challenging. These factors, combined with the excessive power, can create a less enjoyable experience for beginners.


In conclusion, while the Ducati 959 is undeniably an exceptional motorcycle, it’s not the most suitable choice for beginners. For those new to riding, opting for lighter and less powerful bikes like the Yamaha R3, KTM RC 390, or KTM 390 Duke is a wiser decision. Remember, choosing a bike that matches your experience level is crucial for both safety and enjoyment on the road.

Ready to start your motorcycling journey? Explore the world of beginner-friendly bikes and find the perfect ride for your adventure. Your safety and enjoyment on the road start with the right choice. Happy riding!

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